LITTLE h CREATIVE offers a number of services. We provide logo and web design and content marketing sessions for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. All of our services include a free consultation to discuss details to find the best package for you. Our mission is to provide you with a product that is truly unique and exclusive to you. We are also here to empower and educate the creative entrepreneur who is looking to grow and expand their business. 




  • creative entrepreneurs looking for a logo and brand to set them apart
  • current business owners wanting to revamp or rework current logo
  • schools, churches, non-profits and other entities looking for a new identity or event logo

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One thing I see businesses struggling with is quality brand imagery. For many, the most important part of your business is the actual act of creating or running the business. Being an entrepreneur means wearing many hats and working hard to "do it all". From experience, when there is so much creating to do the important things like promotion, brand imagery, and content get pushed to the side.  

I want to help! As a creative entrepreneur with a business marketing degree I am always thinking about the best way to tell my story. We live in a world of social media which is an image and content based source of information. Professional images will benefit your business in so many ways. It provides a positive first impression through your website and/or your social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook). 

The first tangible aspect of your brand is your logo and the second is your content. These two things are most commonly your viewers/potential clients first impression. An important part of branding is telling your story. When you are interested in a new brand or local business what's the first thing you do? Google them or search their account on Instagram? If said business has poor photos or content what is the likelihood that you will go eat there or use their services? 

I am very passionate about helping other business owners succeed. I believe in community over competition. I am now offering content marketing sessions. 



  • ( 30 min. )  Photography session to shoot you doing you. Ideal for makers, small business owners, and creatives. 
  • Headshots 
  • Digital download of edited high resolution images for you to use on website and social media platforms. We give you the rights and ask that you credit @littlehcreative in all posts.
  • FREE business consult to discuss ideas and direction of shoot and content
  • FREE BOSS TIME workbook with helpful tools to start and run a business

$275 || now booking

boss time workshop || little h creative


I am excited to announce our second BOSS TIME workshop! We will be diving in and talking about all things SOCIAL MEDIA! Susan with Linen + Lane Design will be joining me to talk about the in's and out's of how Instagram and Facebook can help you and work for you and your business.  The hustle is real and I know for many the effort it takes to post on each platform can seem exhausting and overwhelming. We are here to help! The workshop will cover:

  • a thorough explanation of Instagram and Facebook 
  • Facebook promotions
  • hashtags 
  • a mini iPhone photography course | composition, lighting, staging and more
  • how to create and schedule content for Instagram and Facebook
  • embracing the camera
  • social media and branding

This workshop is for YOU.  Instagram and Facebook is such a great way to get your information out there and into your potential clients/consumers hands. Join us for a morning of information overload and a hands on workshop. 





COST: $60 || additional $20 for professional head shots