Hello and welcome, Kathryn here!! LITTLE h CREATIVE is what happened when I wanted more. I grew up on produce farm in North Texas with my hard working parents and 4 siblings. I worked long days in the heat to help our family business thrive. I was taught to work with my hands and to consistently be humbled by what life presented. 

While attending college I met my now husband, Ryan and purchased a screen printing business. Morath Screen Printing was a creative way to pay for college and pay off debt. I only printed custom orders for the first five years. After graduating college I got a real job that led to success while sitting at a desk all day. I learned a ton but gradually started feeling empty. Creatively I was dry. I started designing my own graphics and printing them on shirts to see if anyone would be interested. 

Fast forward 3 years and we now have store front filled with local artisan vendors, Ramble Apparel, and we have two employees including my husband as our full time screen printer and building manager. Our store is a recently renovated 1920's building in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas. My mission or my goal in life is to be AUTHENTIC. I am self taught graphic designer and photographer. I have an overwhelming desire to lift people up, inspire, and capture a life well loved. 

LITTLE h CREATIVE is now a full service retail location, screen printing shop and a local family and owned and operated small business that is humbled by the support and community around us. Ryan and I have three beautiful girls. We refer to ourselves as the  "girl team + one boy". I hope you have a chance to stop by our location or shop our apparel online. 

With love, 

ryan & kathryn

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