content marketing | recent work


Working with others Makers is such a joy. I do feel like the art of working with your hands is making a break through and the more Makers out there the better. We are all given such gifts and to see someone weave those gifts into a business is a wonderful thing. I recently spent time with Nicole from Dear Heart Designs and it made me so excited for all the Makers and movers out there. Educating your potential customer about the "WHY" and "WHAT" is important. Contact me if you have more questions!


I worked with Wichita Falls Birth and Wellness Center on their new website. I went and captured their beautiful business and was able to work with quality images while designing their website. 


I recently worked with Odd Duck Coffee on their content marketing while getting ready to design their website. Content Marketing sessions look like this. I come into your place of making or business and help you tell your story. So much about marketing on social media is about educating your viewers and hopefully potential clients.