hospital postpartum session || morrison

Hospital postpartum sessions are full of so much joy. There is always so many emotions that come over me when I arrive, when I'm shooting, and when I leave. When I arrive to the hospital for a session I go into full Mom mode. I am there to help sooth, swaddle, change diapers, and be there with you with no judgement. This chapter of your story is so important. I know after having three kids I was a bit of a mess to look at and probably be around (darn hormones) but it mattered. This first 24 hours are so incredibly hard and happy. To learn more about pricing & booking click below! Now grab a coffee and enjoy! This session give me all the feels. 

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Katera came into the store as soon as she found out she was pregnant and told me to put her on the books. Every time I saw her in the store she had a smile on her face, so full of joy and excitement about carrying a baby and anxious to meet this new little person. She was never negative, always pleasantly happy. Ms. Birdie is the Morrison's first baby and I honestly wanted to cry with how much love they had for one another and the baby. Tender selfless love. It was a blessing to be apart of such beautiful moments. 

I have just announced a run of Fall Mini Sessions for October. You can find out more below.

newborn studio family session || humpert

I wanted to spend time today sharing this beautiful session at the 9th Street Studios. I love this venue not only for it's beautiful architecture and craftsmanship but also the accessibility of it. I decided years ago that I wasn't going to attempt to shoot newborn sessions outside. There are too many variables that get in the way of the beauty of the baby and family. 

I had the pleasure of shooting Alysha's daughters, Sutton, session in their home and when she contacted me about Bennett's newborn session and wanting something different I knew the studios would be a great fit. It's clean, simple, and the natural light is amazing. Renting the studios is always an option when it comes to booking mini or one hour sessions with me. 

This family shines beauty and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to spend time with them to capture this new chapter out of their book. Bennett is the cutest little boy and I didn't want to take my hands off him. 

I am now booking family mini sessions for October 2017! Click here to reserve your spot! I will only be doing these two days for Fall Family Photos. 

life : welcome maggie ann

i haven't blogged about my pregnancy much the past 9 months because life has been busy. working, running a store, and preparing for this Fall/Christmas has kept me busy. 

i have shared so many of these photos on my instagram account but wanted to take time to post images from maggie's first week here and to write about her birth experience and entrance into this world. 

just a quick a recap - i was in labor 28 hours with annie, 18 hours with jane and both times i wanted to go natural. both times i did not. i really didn't have a grand plan for this labor and delivery except i wanted it to be "easier". this pregnancy had been harder and the entire time this baby just felt a little lower.  i really did feel like i would go into labor early and that i did, 8 days early.

on Saturday, october 22nd i started having contractions that were more intense but still really far apart so we stayed busy, went to the movies and then i just decided to go to bed early ( 8 o'clock) not knowing what would happen. at 12:30 am I started having contractions again but still far apart...luckily after an hour i noticed i was "leaking" and that it could mean my water was trying to break so i woke up Ryan and we went to the hospital. 

luckily i was right and i was leaking amniotic fluid so that was a guaranteed admit to the hospital! woo hoo! we were admitted at 2:30 am and was started on pitocin to speed things up with my contractions and by 4:45 I had an epidural. things were still moving slow and i was really just praying that things would pick up at some point and i would have a baby by lunch. thankfully, at around 6 am my water broke on it's own and things picked up FAST and i was pushing by 8 and our sweet little maggie was born at 8:16 am. 

it was a little wild, and happened so much faster than my others even though it seemed like it was going so slow. i was shocked when she came out and the dr. informed me i had another girl. i am so thankful! we now have three healthy girls and i could not feel more blessed. ryan is extremely out numbered and i think he likes it. 

i'll try to post more on here! if you don't already follow along on instagram for the most up to date pictures of our life and for information on the store and sales! follow along @littlehcreative 

now, enjoy images from our first week home with maggie!

wedding : presley & blake

what a beautiful day this was. the weather could not have been more perfect! i loved all the details of this day. wedding and event planner Mayfield Events did a wonderful job. presley's family was such a joy to work with and the love between presley and blake was so radiant and having the privilege to capture something like that is a true blessing. they were married at St. Boniface in Scotland, TX and the reception was at The Stone Palace in downtown Wichita Falls, TX. 

so here ya go! picture overload! enjoy. 

bridals : presley

to say it's been a little crazy would be an under statement so i apologize for not sharing these beautiful images sooner. i had the privilege to shoot presley & blakes wedding at the first of October and her bridals in September. presley is such a beautiful person inside and out. her dress was absolutely stunning! we took her bridals in the Montz Pecan Orchard in Charlie and it was just the perfect day. her bouquet was from Mayfield Events.

images from her wedding day coming soon! 

life lately : balance

i wrote a post awhile back about working from home and finding balance. like all seasons of life things have changed and my routine looks completely different. i very often get ask "HOW do you do so much?" "WHY do you do so much" and am always given suggestions like " you should cut something out"  or  "work less" ... while all questions and suggestions are welcome i realize no one really knows whats going on but me. of course ryan is in tune and helps keep me in check but there are still many moments in a day were i feel completely alone. 

owning and running a multifaceted business at many times is complicated but i wouldn't trade it for the world. i thoroughly enjoy screen printing, photography and graphic design. there are times i want to cut out one but can't wrap my head around it. 

today while screen printing multiple custom orders i realized i am able to offer a variety of services and enjoy each of them is because i need each of them to keep me focused and on track. even though i enjoy it, i don't think i could be out in the screen printing studio for 8+ hours a day. same goes with photography and graphic design. by doing different jobs that are very different from each other i get excited about working on each one. i don't get burned out and i look forward to each new client.  

i've always struggled with the ability to stay on track. school was a challenge. offering different services which allow me to work with my hands and interact with people brings me great joy and gives me balance. 

with baby #3 to arrive in october, i will be fine tuning each of the services i offer to best fit our family but no single one will be deleted. stay tuned for those updates!! 

summer family session // herndon

wooop! it's friday and i have this adorable little of three soon to be four to show you. they were serious troopers, we took the session out in charlie and it was hot and even worse, the gnats were on attack. they were flying in ears, eyes and up your nose. this was my last session charlie for awhile because it's just not fun, for anyone. 

thank you whitney and blake for making me laugh and being the best sports! you guys are great and i can't wait to meet your new little lady in a few short weeks!

downtown mini || jenn + brandon

i love it when married couples book a little session! even if you don't have kids yet it's still important to capture the season of life you are in. this couple lived downtown and loved the experience. they will be moving soon, brandon is in the airforce is going to be stationed Europe in July. i'm so happy the weather cooperated! there are so many nook's of downtown wichita falls, i love shooting here. the texture, buildings, and light is always so magical. 



presley & blake // engagement session

i'd like to welcome presley & blake! such a sweet and fun couple! although the weather looks beautiful it was a little chilly! these two were total champs and persevered through it!  all smiles, giggles and laughs - just the way it should be! thank you guys for being awesome, i look forward to your wedding in October! 

jayme // bridals // charlie, tx

this beautiful lady was married this past weekend and it was all so wonderful! amazing handmade details, dried flowers, beautiful couple and the list goes on and on. for now, a peak of jayme's amazing bridals! we took them out in the charlie area and everything was wonderful. thank you jayme for choosing me and letting me be apart of such a beautiful time in your life! 

tylar : portriat session

i love seeing little kids grow and blossom into sweet little humans. tylar was so chatty and cute this session. the weather was a little chilly so we did part in studio and the rest downtown wichita falls. she made us work to get her to smile because she couldn't resist all the acorns. i love this age when kids are so distracted in new things that they won't give you the time of day. it can be a struggle but i appreciate the challenge. her mama and daddy are doing a great job with this sweet soul! love you ms. tylar. 

CLICK HERE for prices and contact me for details on booking a portrait and outdoor session for the family or just your special little one! Spring is booking quickly so don't wait. 

sutton 7 month // studio session

when a client contacts me about a portrait session and doesn't have a set plan or know exactly what they want, i get really excited. this allows me to use some creative freedom and suggest a few ideas to the client so this session is something they will love. with spring near all i can think about is flower crowns, sunshine, my little studio and  short and sweet sessions. 

meet Sutton, a cutie with cheeks to die for and the sweetest little smile, not to mention she has a momma that is so beautiful! when alysha booked the session for sutton and we decided to make a flower crown, i knew i would have extra flowers so i ask if she would want to end with a little mommy and me session with both ladies in flower crowns. i'm so happy she agreed!

i'm booking studio sessions now, contact me here and click here for pricing

sawyer 3 month // studio session

i was privileged to take this little ladies newborn lifestyle session and now her 3 month pictures. we too these in studio which was so nice. no wind and lot's of bright natural light. ms. sawyer has grown so much and is the cutest little babe with her fair skin and beautiful blue eyes. 

i've been so lucky with studio sessions lately. perfect for a quick portrait session. contact me for more details or come see me in the store and i can answer any questions. click here for pricing.

cole & christina wedding : SAFB // wichita falls // texas

when christina contacted me about their small intimate wedding on base i was super excited! something simple, short and sweet. her style is amazing and the love these two showed toward each other just melted my heart. 

the weather for a february wedding was amazing. cole is a pilot so getting some shots near the type of plane he flies was a must. these two were so easy going and relaxed! 

thank you cole & christina for letting me be apart of such a special day in your lives. enjoy the reception next month in Nebraska! 

family session : mason

the weather was perfect on this beautiful winter day! the sun was shining and this family was the sweetest. casey is my cousin, we grew up attached to the hip and i am so happy for her and her growing family. mr. john quinn is 2 and is going to be a big brother. 

he's a little boy who doesn't want to look at the camera. he is so cute and quiet and i love his mannerisms. congrats casey and john on the pregnancy announcement and the addition to your family and happy birthday john quinn! 

family sessions are so fun. i love my job and i love to tell a story. now booking spring sessions! i will also be scheduling a select number of peach blossom and wheat field sessions this spring so be on the look out for those details!

newborn hospital // gibson meets parker

ok guys, brace yourself for how sweet these moments are. i am so thankful my friend sarah ask me to capture these sweet memories for them at the hospital. ms. parker has a big brother named gibson that is absolutely and genuinely in love with his new sister. being a witness to their introduction was amazing. 

when i was pregnant with jane i read and researched the best way to introduce jane to annie. i didn't want annie to feel replaced or have any cross attitude toward her new sister. i combined many different articles and came up with a plan. said plan worked beautifully in my situation and i knew i had to share with sarah. i have only captured moments at the hospital for first borns so being able to be apart of a new baby and sibling introductions was a win win. 

i know this plan may not work for everyone or you may think my ways are crazy but here was my plan and i will continue to use this plan as suggestions for clients, family and friends who are going though similar situations. 

start by lining up a sitter for the toddler(s). once you are in labor the focus should be on the baby and successfully bringing the baby into this world safe and healthy. our hospital allows for an hour or more of skin to skin time and my husband i used this time to bond, feed and observe our little blessing. once we moved to postpartum we called the sitter ( in-laws ) and ask them to bring our toddler (s) to the hospital. i made sure the baby was swaddled and snug in her bassinet and i sat on the bed alone while my husband went to get big sister from the waiting room . i read that the toddlers first reaction isn't going to be excitement to see the baby but anxiousness to see their mommy. i think it's important for no one else to be in the room when new family introductions are made. there is already so much going on that extra people and distractions aren't necessary and could take away from such a beautiful moment.

this was so true in my case and in sarah's. when gibson walked in the room he instantly looked at his mom and ask how she was with sincere concern. then he remembered parker was there. he crawled up on the bed to look at his new baby sister. gibson was in awe. in the sweetest voice he said, " she's beaituful " ... " good job mommy". once he starred her down and kissed her he ask if he could hold her and this is when it became all about the baby. he watched her and observed everything about this new little person.

it was so amazing and emotional to watch. gibson, so young and innocent, truly appreciated his mom, dad, and new baby sister. he brought her a toy and talked to her like she could understand. 

i think it's important for the "big"  to feel a sense of ownership over their new sibling. i remember telling annie jane was hers and to this day ( two years later ) annie calls jane HER baby sister. she protects her and let's her know she is her big sister and best friend. 

i left this session with so much affirmation that i am on the right path of doing what God wants for my life. my heart was so full i thought it could burst. i may not always have the chance to capture new moments like this but i believe the everyday moments we live are just as important. 

welcome to this world ms. parker. you are so loved. 

joie & joe wedding // wichita falls, tx // new year's eve

This New Year's wedding was such a fun day and an honor to be apart of. The couple started dating at Notre Dame in early high school and are now husband and wife. They were married at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Wichita Falls, Texas. Reception was in the new Family Life Center connected to the church. It's huge and so beautiful. Joie ad Joe were joined with their family, new friends and old friends to celebrate of a beautiful start to a new adventure.

The day was filled with handmade and meaningful touches. Joie's dress was her mother's that had been altered to fit her beautiful style. Bridesmaids dresses were from Rent the Runway and the Groomsmen wore grey tuxes from Men's Warehouse. The DJ was TNT Entertainment from Iowa Park, this couple was so professional and such a joy to work with. Not to mention the music was amazing! The couple requested Karaoke to be a part of the reception and it was so fun!

Joie and Joe decided to do a first look which took place at Notre Dame High School. The place their love began. It was beautiful and so touching to witness the emotions and love these two have for each other.