hospital postpartum session || morrison

Hospital postpartum sessions are full of so much joy. There is always so many emotions that come over me when I arrive, when I'm shooting, and when I leave. When I arrive to the hospital for a session I go into full Mom mode. I am there to help sooth, swaddle, change diapers, and be there with you with no judgement. This chapter of your story is so important. I know after having three kids I was a bit of a mess to look at and probably be around (darn hormones) but it mattered. This first 24 hours are so incredibly hard and happy. To learn more about pricing & booking click below! Now grab a coffee and enjoy! This session give me all the feels. 

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Katera came into the store as soon as she found out she was pregnant and told me to put her on the books. Every time I saw her in the store she had a smile on her face, so full of joy and excitement about carrying a baby and anxious to meet this new little person. She was never negative, always pleasantly happy. Ms. Birdie is the Morrison's first baby and I honestly wanted to cry with how much love they had for one another and the baby. Tender selfless love. It was a blessing to be apart of such beautiful moments. 

I have just announced a run of Fall Mini Sessions for October. You can find out more below.