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what are you scared of?


I'm scared of success. Defining success can be a hard and scary thing. To be honest, I don't know what that looks like for me. Working Hard and being driven is not something I struggle with. And if being honest it can play a toll on me! At what point do I stop and slow down to know that I'm were I'm supposed to be. I'm scared that I'll wake up one day and have lost my definition of success and just be chasing everyone else's definition of what success looks like. 

So today I'm writing it down. Success to me is living my purpose. Sharing the gifts God has entrusted me with. Showing my girls to dream big and work hard to accomplish them. Success is not asking for handouts. Success is feeling pride in what I HAVE accomplished. Success is loving my family hard. Every single day. 

Join me! What are you scared of?!

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