my story.

I've been hinting toward this for some time now. The big "I've been working on something that I can't wait to share more about" is HERE! Did I have a really clear vision of where LITTLE h CREATIVE would be 5 years ago, no. Did I work really hard to make it something I love and am proud of, yes.

my story.


by: Chase Roberts


I am a multi-tasker and individual who can't do the same thing for too long. I have a billion ideas going through my mind in a given day. I've learned to channel the ideas and create something I absolutely love through screen printing and graphic design. LITTLE h CREATIVE has been such an amazing part of my story. 

2017 has proven to be a year of change and dream catching. One of my main goals was to invest in explaining what this space is. I have had a hard time with my "elevator pitch". Because I wear so many faces it can seem like I get lost in all of them but to me, it's the exact opposite. Graphic design, screen printing and photography are each a part of me. They mesh and compliment each other in ways that make it easy to be who I am.  It's about community and authenticity. 

Chase Roberts is the brains behind this amazing video. He made this so easy for me and has always made me feel comfortable and confident in the dream I am living and pursing. My brain is not an easy one to figure out. I don't make it easy for people to follow my train of thought but he did. He listened and made this video exactly what I had invisioned. I could not recommend him enough. 

This is me. This is LITTLE h CREATIVE. This is my story.


I've recently updated and worked hard to provide more information on custom screen printing with LITTLE h CREATIVE. I'd love for you to check it out!