life lately : balance

i wrote a post awhile back about working from home and finding balance. like all seasons of life things have changed and my routine looks completely different. i very often get ask "HOW do you do so much?" "WHY do you do so much" and am always given suggestions like " you should cut something out"  or  "work less" ... while all questions and suggestions are welcome i realize no one really knows whats going on but me. of course ryan is in tune and helps keep me in check but there are still many moments in a day were i feel completely alone. 

owning and running a multifaceted business at many times is complicated but i wouldn't trade it for the world. i thoroughly enjoy screen printing, photography and graphic design. there are times i want to cut out one but can't wrap my head around it. 

today while screen printing multiple custom orders i realized i am able to offer a variety of services and enjoy each of them is because i need each of them to keep me focused and on track. even though i enjoy it, i don't think i could be out in the screen printing studio for 8+ hours a day. same goes with photography and graphic design. by doing different jobs that are very different from each other i get excited about working on each one. i don't get burned out and i look forward to each new client.  

i've always struggled with the ability to stay on track. school was a challenge. offering different services which allow me to work with my hands and interact with people brings me great joy and gives me balance. 

with baby #3 to arrive in october, i will be fine tuning each of the services i offer to best fit our family but no single one will be deleted. stay tuned for those updates!!