postpartum hospital session : truly mason

july and august have been a busy couple of months spent at the hospital. so many sweet sweet babies being born. i would like to introduce ms. truly mason. she was born early in the morning on my birthday and i think she is just the cutiest little babe. i know her big brother and parents are just smitten with her. you are loved truly joanna. 

i love doing these postpartum hospital sessions, they are easy to plan. i can either take the day of or the day after you have the baby. the sessions last around 30 minutes. i have some great recommendations as far as introducing siblings or grandparents to their new addition for the first time. if you'd like to find to find our more just contact me and i can give you some details. i will be booking the rest of August and September but taking a break ( to have my baby ) in October & November. 

Enjoy! the sweetness is almost too much.