introducing RAMBLE APPAREL

So I announced the new project of RAMBLE APPAREL @rambleapparel on Instagram and now I want to talk a little bit about the process of getting something like this started. First there is the ideas, the brainstorming, the endless pins on pinterest to build inspiration and vision but then there is the supper fun part ( or so for me ) is creating a LOGO! Before I start any logo board I create an inspiration board that completes my vision for the logo and helps create a brand. I like to create at a main logo and a sub-logo for a business, in my case, a sister company to my already existing business, LITTLE h CREATIVE. I went through 2 revisions and with the help of friends and family this is the final logo board for Ramble Apparel. 

I have introduced my first set of shirts and the fun part from here is having the ability to create whenever an idea comes to mind. One of the big things about Ramble for me is creating inspiration for men and women. Right now I have mostly ladies styles but men, you will have more coming. I have been working on my own path in the handmade creative industry, not just in business but I continue to work on my walk in life with Christ. I want everyone to know that YOU CAN do what you put your mind to. The store in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas, the graphic design projects I work on and the photography I am passionate about all stems from one dream of working for myself and not sitting at a desk. I enjoy working with my hands, sweat or no sweat. The first step for me was purchasing this screen printing business from my great uncle 8 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing but through the years have learned and embraced all the new passions and ideas that come my way. 

Like any new projects and ventures it's hard to get started and hard to get the word out. So if you get the chance spread the word! Let people know about Ramble Apparel on etsy. Until the end of this week I am offering 10% off your first order if you FOLLOW and Tag 3 friends on Instagram. CLICK HERE to go to my @rambleapparel instagram account to follow now! 

link to online store is HERE