happy campers // lake murray // memorial weekend

i made the announcement last week about our little family growing into a family of 5. baby hager #3 is due Halloween 2016. the first 4 months were pretty ruff and i was extremely discouraged with life and work. don't take that the wrong way. i have to be honest and say that everything isn't always easy ALL the time. i love my family and my work and God has truly blessed me with wonderful clients and amazing children. 

something i decided when we found out we were expecting was a little cut back. i have been giving myself no down time. i was working every weekend and on my days off (sunday & monday) the first thing i'm cutting back on is weddings, i will no longer be shooting weddings. i am finishing the weddings i have in contract and then that will be it. bittersweet because i love all the emotion and happiness that comes with weddings but i know in my heart it isn't the right fit for me. 

i also added a wonderful creative entrepreneur to the store to help me out with the hours. her name is Alison with Lily & Sparrow Designs, she hand letters and is an amazing artist all around. so if you stop by and don't see me, more than likely it's her! i know 4 days a week seems limited to some but this store isn't the only thing i do. i have to make time to screen print, run errands, and be there for my family. 

with that, i am determined to do more of what i love and what fuels my creative side, CAMP! we bought a little 19' camper and it's amazing. we went on our first trip memorial weekend, it was less than 24 hours but i can already tell we are all going to love it. lake murray is in oklahoma, about 1 1/2 hours from wichita falls. it's spring fed, clean, and so much fun. i tried to relax and not focus on capturing every moment. i couldn't hold back when we woke up monday morning and the kids couldn't resist the water. the kids are hooked. we leave this weekend for another camping trip! here's to summer, water, family, and happy little campers. 

and here's a little video of our morning on the water. at the very end annie is trying to get Ryan in the water, don't be fooled the water freezing and it was 9am. we couldn't hold them back.