puddle time

north texas received a beautiful rain yesterday and then the sun came out and it was the most peaceful evening. i knew i didn't want to spend time inside so i told the girls to grab their rain boots and get in the puddle. our driveway is like a mini lake when it rains. 

it doesn't bother the girls one bit. jane lost her balance a few times and fell right in the water. once she realized i wasn't going to be upset and that i was allowing her to get muddy she was all over it. so happy and filled her boots with muddy water. 

texas skies, big mud puddles, and my girls means i am a very happy mama. i am so thankful for this life. 

i would love to book a lifestyle session like this. posed family pictures are important but so is the simple meaningful moments you live everyday. if you are worried about having a session in your home because you don't want to clean, the house is too small or to dark, lets get together and play in a puddle or in your backyard and capture wonderful memories for you and your family.