|| YOU || poster session : jace talley

little h creative // you poster

introducing a new type of session i am now offering since i have a studio/store space. i have briefly mentioned this on my instagram feed and facebook but i wanted to take a moment to discuss the details of this session here. 

this is a quick 15 minute session to capture the awesome quirky personality of your little one. kids are such amazing creations yet all are so different. each and every little one has something they are into and enjoy. maybe it was something you enjoyed as a kid or something you are currently into. or maybe it's something completely off the wall. 

my goal is to capture this special time for you and to blow it up onto a 24in x 36in poster so you can frame and keep forever. don't forget the awesome simple things that make your little one...little. 

|| $200 || includes 24 x 36 poster printed in black and white and digital download of edited images taken during session. design and actual poster are included in the session fee. 

contact me for more details and booking! 

and without further a do... jace cure talley - 5 years old - currently into monster trucks

i love that jace told me he wouldn't smile yet when we give this kid one of his most favorite things, trucks, he was beaming with joy.