business : questions answered

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business questions answered || i'd love to get some feedback on if you like me doing this, would you like to hear more? do you have a question to ask? 

is there something/service i offer that you would like to hear more about? i'm looking forward to 2017 and have some goals and plans for a workshop or e-course and i'd love feedback on what you'd like to have available and learn more about. 

my focus is on providing resources for entrepreneurs relating to business // social media // branding - what else?

tool - camera and when printing, all of it. i've been trying to think of a piece of equipment that is most important or that i could live without and i can't.

object - laptop, i have three parts to my business; photography, graphic design, and screen printing. i use my laptop all day. to edit, design, communicate, and much more.

ritual - my morning cup of coffee. it's the first thing we do in the morning is brew the coffee. without it, let's be honest, a big grump


this is a loaded question that i get a lot.

1. start fresh and smart which means do your homework on the market. is there a need and want for what you are creating? even if the market is heavily saturated on what you do, can you make it different? what separates you from the rest?

2. spend the money and hire a professional to create a quality logo so that your presence can be taken seriously. your brand and business will appreciate it!

3. and this might be the most important, don't try to do everything yourself!!! talk to and ask questions to other entrepreneurs.


another hard one for me to put into words. success to me is that feeling i get when my clients are happy and voice their appreciation for what i've done. whether a portrait session, a custom screen printing job or the way someone reacts when they come in the store. as long as i can help people in any form i feel successful.