a year in review || 2016

well the year is almost over and usually i'm like wow, i can't believe it's almost over but i have to say this year was a long and wonderful year. i opened the store at the first of the year and soon found out we were expecting our third little human. it. was. hard. being sick is not my jam. 

if i had to pick one word for 2016 it would be ..... trust. i had to trust in the Lord that opening the store space on 7th was the right move. i had to trust that it would work. i had to trust in myself. i had to trust that our baby growing in my belly was safe and healthy.  pretty much,  i had to trust the dream.

i have received so much affirmation about the business and store this year.  i booked more photography clients, design clients and printed more custom orders than ever before. i have so much to learn and am continuously inspired by those around me and the people who support my little store of handmade happiness. 

i have really BIG news to share with you next week but until then i would like to say thank you to everyone who follows along. i have big goals for 2017. 

the girls of grown SO much this year. annie turned 5, jane turned 3 and we welcomed another beautiful girl to our family in october, maggie ann. we bought a camper and hope to enjoy many more camping trips this year as a family. 

i encourage you to think about your word for this past year. what was it and looking forward, what is your word for 2017? comment below! i'd love to hear. now...picture overload from this past year.