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 taken by: @avisionrevealed

taken by: @avisionrevealed

wow, i seriously can't believe 2015 is over. this was a big year for me and my family. in january i made the launch to rebrand myself and change my business name. what was little h prints became little h creative. as much as i loved learning and working in the oil and gas industry i was miserable trying to balance being a creative person at home and sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer. 

in march i took a huge leap and financial risk attending the wildflower workshop with joy pouty in austin. this workshop was intimate and provided me with much needed advice on how to take my career seriously.  i met some amazing women whom will always inspire me to be better and to live my dreams. 

in april i made the leap to leave my full time job in oil & gas to become self employed and work from home. i also opened my booth space in the alley cat vintage mercantile. 

may was wild. jane had tubes put in her ears and i had a golf ball sized lump removed from my thyroid. the entire experience was painful and scary. i am so thankful and blessed that the lump was cancer free and with half a thyroid my bodies hormones are functioning perfectly therefore i do not have to take medication. 

summer is a blur. we took a much needed trip to the beach and ryan changed careers to work for my brother's company. since i design, plan, and print my own products i have to start designing each line months before they are released. 

fall was very special. in october i had the most amazing experience to shoot my first wedding. november was a game changer for me. i was presented the opportunity to attend the bloom bash workshop in seattle, wa. being around such a variety of creative entrepenuaers was amazing. i'm still trying to wrap my head around all the amazing information we were provided. inspired doesn't begin to touch how amazing it was. 

workshops are so important. they give you purpose and reason for why you do the things you do while providing tools to help you in the path you choose. 

a couple local creatives and i are teaming up to bring a workshop to wichita falls. a much needed experience for the ladies of this town and surrounding area. please check out our website for more information. click here ----> the found workshop

i also was apart of christmas magic for the first time. spending so much on a booth space was scary but i'm so happy i took the leap and trusted my gut. being around my customers and sharing my passion and products is what inspired me to find a store front space of my own. 

december is when my new adventure began. i am in my new store front space, offering new design and photography packages. i am excited for the path i am on. God is holding my hand and i pray he never let's go. i couldn't do my work without the love and support of my family, friends, and customers who believe in me.