be better.

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i'm not much on new year resolutions but i do believe in finding ways to better myself and my current state of house, home, life, faith, etc. 

here are the things i am going to work on, which will make life less stressful and will provide more happy days in 2016:

- say "no" -- learning that i don't have to say yes to everything

- give more time to the ministries i'm currently involved in at church - not adding to what is already on the plate but give more fully to what i HAVE said "yes" to. the things that truly fulfill me are the things i don't do for myself but that of which i do for others and my parish. 

- be a better example - understanding that the voice and language that i use is what i should expect my kids to see and use. need to work on more calming and less .... crazy.

- focus on my health - thankfully we live out in the county and we don't eat much fast food but i want to cook better meals. drink more water and find more time to exercise. not to loose weight but to actually feel better. i can tell my muscle strength is far weaker than it was after i completed the hotter n hell this summer. i have let my work take over and pushed my health to side. i'm going to work on it. 

- keep dreaming - i need to slow down, stop getting frustrated when things don't go my way and look to the future. dream on and don't give up. 

- set goals - not just think of them but actually write them down so i can reflect next year on where i am and how i've worked to accomplish these goals. 

-go on vacation - haha, i feel silly having to write that down but true story, i'll book all my weekends if i don't start planning. family camping and beach trips are in our future!

of course i have more but all stem off of what i've listed here. good luck on your resolution/dreams/goals if you made any! if you haven't, i encourage you to think about all the things that make your life crazy and stressful. then write down all the ways you can work on making your life more simple and stress free. good luck and happy new year!