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little h creative //bump series // jordan

i am so excited to announce a new series and photography package for all you expecting mamas. each time i was expecting i took selfies of myself in the mirror but really wanted to have a picture without me awkwardly holding the phone. now that i have a small studio space i am able to accept this bump series on a walk-in basis. convenient for you to stop in and have a 10 minute session every two weeks. details below:

the bump series:

- in studio/store space

- 3 shots (images) emailed to you every two weeks. you will receive a BONUS image with text overlay. you will have rights to the images to keep for yourself or post on social media. i ask that you tag @littlehcreative in your images if you do choose to post them. 

- session can start at 8 weeks and go through 40 (+/-) 

- no appointment is necessary

- total of 16 sessions (if you start at 8 weeks and carry to 40 weeks)

- cost is $300, first half due at the first session and the 2nd half due at the first of your 3rd trimester.

once you have the baby i will design a poster or coffee table book which will be available for purchase. i would love to chat details or answer any questions you may have. this is a great way to document such a special time in your life. 

i have ideas to make this creative or i welcome your full input on how to make this series fit for you and your growing belly. email me! kathryn@littlehcreative.com

little h creative // bump series // jodan

thank you jordan with western homestead in participating in this series! i am so excited to capture this growing bump for you!