r o u t i n e

let's talk about routine and schedule and what gets me through the day.


things i can't live without:

  • planner - i picked up an hour to hour calendar at Target a few months ago and it has changed the way the i look at my day. i was writing a mile long list on each day and hoping to accomplish all of it (rarely) which left me frustrated and overwhelmed.  now - i break my task up within the hour and i have a much better idea of what i can accomplish  hour to hour and day by day. don't get me wrong, i still get overwhelmed but it's MUCH better and i get way more done. 
  • coffee - i know this is an obvious. it's not just the caffeine that gets me going but the act of making it, hearing it brew, and holding a warm cup is just what i need to get my day started.
  • snacks - for me and the kids. when they are getting frustrated about me working i know its snack time and i try to take a time out to feed them and myself. 
  • flavored water - hah, can you tell i'm a beverage girl. i can't drink water all day so i have to change it up with crystal light, lime water, tea, la croix and the list goes on. 
  • iphone - another obvious but it's amazing how much work i can get down with my phone and laptop. i can read emails (with edits) and take action while working in adobe illustrator. 

those are the top essentials that i could think of and here is my week in a glance: 

  1. Monday - I have my two kids and a niece all day. It's usually pretty chill since our weekends are busy. 
  2. Tuesday - Annie and Jane go to school and this is the day i power work. i schedule clients for consultations, meetings with groups i volunteer with and currently i try to be in the garage screen printing and prepping screens to print. I then pick kids up from school, come home, get dinner prepped, kids in bed, and then off to work again designing, editing, and emailing. 
  3. Wednesday - Annie is at school and Jane is home with me. its great for us to hang out and right now she actually likes to play by herself a lot which is great for me and getting work done. i do not print with Jane outside so my work is mostly done on the computer. we pick annie up from school and usually grocery shop and then go home. 
  4. Thursday - the day goes about the same as Tuesday. Power work, try to get a bike ride in, and then get the kids. the biggest goal is to do things that i can't do when the girls are home or with me. 
  5. Friday- i've always been the type that thinks Fridays are meant for relaxing. that isn't the case currently but since i have both kids at home i try really hard to take it easier. 
  6. Saturday- again, we try to take it easy but i occasionally have sessions booked. 
  7. Sunday- we go to Mass and relax. 

Well thats the basics! It's not perfect and i work a lot but i truly believe all will pay off. i know and have learned from my parents that you have to work hard to get somewhere. thanks for reading and please let me know if you have questions!