// working from home //

i've decided to start sharing some of my experience and pieces of my day and business. i went self employed around 5 months ago and though i have a lot to learn i've also learned of few things. i'll start by saying the two main reasons i wanted to work from home and be self employed is to 1) to make my creative outlet a reality - in the past i had to work in an office all day dreaming and thinking about the things i could create the moments that needed to be captured. it was tearing my mind up and i finally couldn't take it anymore. 2) my kids : i wanted to be home more, to watch them, talk with them and learn from them. 

working from home

there is so much that goes into working from home. there is probably no way i could cover this topic accurately but i hope by sharing a piece of my story i can inspire and encourage you in some small way to live your dream. i read and did research by other self-employed / working from home individuals before i (we) really made this decision and it helped but it really couldn't prepare me for the excitement and challenges i face. the biggest thing i have to keep on my mind and focus on is a ROUTINE. routine is not just a must for the kids but also myself. i struggle and am working on mastering this routine. because my work is so unpredictable on what exactly i will be working on i have to narrow my "routine" to having basic STRUCTURE in my day. at least two or three days out of the week i totally fail at keeping structure around the house or in my schedule. 

i have to think about whether or not i brushed my teeth. when did i bathe last. have i spoken to someone besides the kids and hubs in the last 24 hours. when did i last workout. eat. drink. and sleep. 

this is my life. i love this life and am so blessed by the work that fills my day. i will be talking more about my exact "routine" and what exactly i do. i plan to start sharing about new products and what we have to look forward to ask the holidays fast approach. 

i'd love to hear what works for you and if you have any questions for me, about me, please... do ask.