august moments : celebrating birthdays

we gathered at my parents house this past sunday and it was such a good time. the summer is a crazy time for my parents. with farming in full swing we don't get together as often as we would like. summer is also the time for birthdays. i turned 3 - 0 . wow. i turned 30 on a monday which kind of stunk but soon got over and now i'm excited for this new chapter into older years. hah!

i love everything about being at my parents: all the kids, great food and family. it's all i need. one of the top things the kids want to do when they go to my parents is swing. this tire swing has seen its years. not only on the tractor but also in this tree, swinging - with as many kids will fit.  i have pictures just like this as a child. it makes heart warm watching and being a part of this generations memories.