legacy session : schalk

i had the pleasure of spending a weekend with this beautiful family. i worked for john schalk, president of schalk oil company in wichita falls. i also worked for his dad thomas schalk before he passed away in 2012. family and the importance of family is at the center of my life and every legacy. everyone has a legacy to be left. the important part is capturing this time for the generations to come. 

spending the time at their lake cabin was a huge blessing. john's parents, tom and betty, bought this lake house many many years ago for $15,000 and that included the house, dock, and a boat. can you believe that. he has great memories of this place and now he is getting to share them with his wife, daughter and friends. 

tom spent every day at schalk oil company. he worked 8-5 just like everyone else. he was the sweetest man and i miss him dearly. he loved his granddaughter with his whole heart. he would be so proud of the lady she is becoming. she is beautiful she like her mom and this session is for the entire family but also just for her and the legacy she is going to be left. 

tom was also a fan of cowboy hats and when we were at the cabin john mentioned this. perfect opportunity to get everyone to try one on. these are some of my favorite pictures from the session. 

i encourage you to consider a legacy session at some point. don't let all the wonderful memories you have of your grandparents, parents, and children go uncaptured. let the memories come to life so the generations to come can look and remember.