july 4th celebration : charlie, texas

home of the free - because of the brave. for as long as i can remember i have spent my independence day in charlie, texas. the very place i grew up. my nana and gramps help run the charlie community center and have made a point to keep our small town celebration alive. i grew up excited and anxious to decorate by bicycle for the parade with red white and blue streamers, balloons and flags duct taped to my bike. 

the passed few years i have carried on the tradition of helping. i help serve hamburgers and hot dogs to all the visitors who come out to celebrate.  because everyone in my family helps put it on in some way we never had any pictures to take away from something so much time and effort went into. my gramps ask me to capture the event this year and an honor it was. 

i was reminded how much fun it is. the kids dancing and running wild. hay rides and blue barrel train cars being pulled behind a lawn mower keep things alive and at dark we have a nice firework show. 

we had a high chance for a storm this year which left the crowd a little thin and the weather just perfect. i look up to my gramps and nana for so many reasons. their love for this small community  is so grand and i hope it is never forgotten.