setting goals

little h creative online store is up and ready. my original goal was sometime in 2015 and then once  i started getting things together i changed the goal date to the end of june. being self employed is teaching me a lot about goals, scheduling, and time. i rarely procrastinate and i'm impulsive. which means, i tend to want to work all. the. time. juggling between retail space, graphic design, and photography isn't always easy but it's the only way i function. i like the multi-trade business. i equally enjoy all of it. 

i'm going to try and take july and august to focus on  some other parts of little h creative that i haven't been able to put my time on. i've got a fun session coming up in july. i'm excited about it and can't wait to share more. stayed tuned my friends! 

i'll leave you with some images from our little styled shoot and invite you to take a look around our shop. shop away! we are stocked and ready.