may moments : under the tree

may proved to be memory making. the rain came and livened up all our trees, especially this one in our side yard. crazy to think it was near death last year and we almost had it cut down. thank goodness we waited to see if it would come back to life. let me tell you. it has. it is huge! the perfect tree to lay under and dream about the future. these kids are eager to be my side kicks. they both have such great personalities. jane has gotten really into dancing. we turned the music on while we lay under the tree and i got quite the show. 

these girls may not agree on sharing everything but they are becoming the best of friends. it makes this mama's heart want to burst and multiply! may, you were good to us. i pray for all those who lost something in the flood. crazy to think we were in a drought last summer and now i hope to have plans of road trips, lake visits and lots of sunscreen. 

*jane's shirt was created and printed by me and is available at the alley cat attic. 9th and Indiana, downtown wichita falls, tx. third floor.