spring session : annie + jane

spring is so great in so many ways. i am experiencing spring in a whole new light this year. becoming self employed full time and home with the girls is so amazing. i won't lie if i say it isn't a struggle as well. it's my nature to pile as much in a day as humanly possible. 

one of my favorite things about living in the country in the spring is the wheat fields. i feel like there is a beauty i can not express into words or pictures. yesterday around 6 o'clock i looked up and noticed how beautiful the clouds were. i quickly fed the kids, bathed them, dressed them and headed out the door get some pictures of the kids while the peach blossoms were still in bloom. jane had been a bit cranky all day (getting tubes in april and i can't wait) and annie is usually always up for anything. 

without going into every little detail i will say it was a struggle to get the girls to look at me or of even listen to me. they wanted to run, play, and ignore me. frustration overcame me and we left the peach blossoms and were going to head home.  

on the way home i crossed this field and saw the clouds again and was reminded how beautiful life is. so i let the kids out and let them run through the grass - free and unposed. jane was having a blast one second and pissed another - one of my favorite photos is of her staring at me mad. it explains what the poor kid has been going through. she is getting tubes in a couple weeks and i hope she finally gets relief. 

oh girls, mama loves you to the moon and back.