taking that step

i am leaving my very secure wonderful job to be self employed and spend more time with my kids. it feels like this has been a long time coming - almost like a dream. when i decided to really launch little h creative with a website in january and putting myself out there i wasn't sure what would come of it. i have been so blessed with clients, inspiration, and support. it doesn't take me much to get inspired and have the desire to start creating things.

i had been on the virge, stressing about finances and pondering whether or not it was the right choice for our family. one day last week i went to visit a long time favorite shop (one I've always had a booth at on a very small scale and as little h prints) the alley cat. i was needing to talk to Julie, owner, about moving and enlarging my booth (because 922 indie where i currently had the bulk of my stuff was closing). i was taken to the third floor and i felt like i could almost cry. i saw a huge space with wood floors, tiffany blue walls, and endless possibilities.

right then i knew i had a passion inside me that needed to be used. i had to take the chance. the next day i told my boss and i took the first step of doing something i love.

two of many passions of mine is creating things and old stuff. i love making things with my hands and seeing the results. i easily get frustrated when i can't figure out how to make something. (usually because it requires some power tool i don't know how to use. thank goodness i have a very handy husband) i thrive and get extra excited when i walk into a thrift or "junk" store as some call them. my heart goes out to downtown properties that are not given the chance to grow and be renewed.

the space is to be called the alley cat attic. a space full of handmade and vintage items with a open concept boutique feel. not all the details are worked out yet but i am excited to move towards screen printing textiles; fabric, pillows, tote bags, tea towels, and more.

this will also be a space were i can meet clients for consultations and appointments. having a little space to call mine is so wonderful.  right now the bulk of my time is spent creating and designing items for the store.  a tentative open date is mid to end march.

these pictures really don't have much to do with this post except that all of this change will result in more time with these people who make this passion inside me so great.

so please stayed tuned. i am going to do my best to keep you updated! follow me on instagram (social icon is at the top of the page will take you to my instagram) i post regularly there.