kate talley : support epilepsy

cherise has been my best friend since the fourth grade. her daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 7 months old. due to the severity of the seizures she had her first surgery in august of last year removing her left frontal lobe of her brain. it worked to keep her seizure free for a little while but did not last. the team and doctors at Cooks have decided to remove the entire left frontal lobe of the brain so that Kate can be seizure free forever. the surgery will be longer and tougher on Kate than the first but this little lady is so strong and we know she can handle it. please pray with me for kate, the doctors, and the peace to be with her parents, shawn and cherise. 

one of the major tasks for cherise and her family is to keep kate healthy which means being confined to her house. i went out last week to get some shots of kate playing in her environment. she absolutely loves this photo album. 90% of the time she flipped though the pages. one after another. over and over. 

please say a prayer this little one gets relief and is seizure free! we love you cherise, shawn, jace and kate!