i like it when the sun comes out.

something i struggle with is finding balance between this wonderful space, my part time job, and home. i went part time at my "real" job to focus on my passion for creating things. finding out that people want me to create for them is such a relief.

my days have felt heavy and the winter months don't help. i don't get out to run or walk like i used to, all my plants have dried up for the winter, and our backyard is full of tumble weeds.

i try to enjoy all the season's that God has blessed us with but winter is the most difficult . last week, the sun came out and i instantly felt renewed. my heart started beating a little different and an instant smile was on my face.

i can tell the girls felt it to. i went outside and i was on a mission to get my back yard looking a little better. i started throwing tumble weeds over the fence and annie, without being told, picked up the broom and dust pan and went to town. jane did her part by bossing us around and helping us get our hands dirty.

dirty hands does this family good.

sunny outside clean up
sunny clean up

i sure love jane's pot belly.

annie's smile is contagious.

we've got sun in our weekend forecast and i can't wait to get out there and soak it up.