monday moments

our house usually goes from loud to quiet in 2 seconds flat. ryan made me this pallet couch about a year ago. i bought a crib mattress and put some throw pillows on it and it is the girls number one place to hang. jane is able to crawl up and read a book all by herself. annie uses it as a trampoline (which i don't encourage) and i pretty sure jane can't wait until she can do it. (hopefully not sooner than later)

when we bought our house a year and half ago the main thing that drew me in was the natural light. we have two huge windows on both sides of the house. i love how our house lights up during the day. there are days i think we need drapes or curtains but can't bring myself to do it because i'm scared i'll lose some of this beautiful light.

so for now i'll just deal with my bare windows and soak up this light and these two spunky kids.

 this texas weather can't decide what it wants to do -  yesterday i was out spray painting doilies and today i'm bundled up and freezing. so happy Monday to ya and i hope this post brought a little light to your day.