november // i've been waiting for you

november has been the month on the calendar for me for MONTHS! it's here and i couldn't be more excited. i am so thankful for those of you who follow along! i've had a full schedule with designing, photography, screen printing, fundraising, and ... LIFE. 

i started designing my fall line of clothing and home goods in July and started printing in August/September. everything is designed, printed, priced and ready to hit the shelves! my online store is up NOW!  i encourage you, if you are local, to come to christmas magic this weekend. i will be there all day friday thru sunday. i will be introducing all of my new goodies this weekend at christmas magic and then they will be available at the alley cat vintage mercantile (900 Indiana wichita falls, texas 76301) starting November 9th and 10th.  

american apparel shirts // little h creative

i've also been busy with mini sessions that started in September and i finished up last night.  i have a good number of full sessions this month and i am so excited to spend time with families, to learn about them, and to tell their story. 

November, i am so happy you are here. i can't wait to get all the boxes of stock out of my house and onto the shelves. this is what my basement has been like for MONTHS! boxes stacked on boxes. i've got big dreams of having a space for all of this. 

i am excited to breathe and to put more focus on my family. i am ready to give thanks for my business and my wonderful clients. 

on another note, halloween was a hit this year. annie and jane were trick or treating fools. the weather was perfect.