what inspires you? what makes your clock tick? 

for me : inspiration is a lot of different things. for my work i have to get inspired on a daily basis. inspired to get out of bed, dress myself and the kids, eat, make coffee, and work. on a given day i have ( or feels like ) 100 different things to do. 

for day to day tasks i find inspiration in the little things. the color that surrounds me in my home & outside, the roof over my head, water in my house, faith in God and knowing he is always near. 

my best work comes when i am free.  whether it be with graphic design or photography, being TOLD what to do or how to do something makes me anxious. i am a self employed individual because i like making decisions, i like working hard, i enjoy creating and delivering beautiful things to people, i care about each and every one of my clients. my work is very personal to me. when i create something through a design or session it is apart of me. i am giving each person i engage with my best work. 

passion is one thing but turning that passion into solid work is my job.  i'll blog more about the recent workshop i attended soon but going and being around a lot of creative entrepreneurs is what inspires me. my challenge now is figuring out how to continue to be inspired. at home // in my zone. 

one major thing that gives me inspiration is working with my hands. screen printing, cooking, feeding our chicks, and playing with my kids keeps me inspired.  

i encourage you today to think about what inspires you. the more inspired you are the more you will accomplish today & tomorrow.