family downtown session || eli turns one

The weather is turning, it's the first of October and we are flat out excited about fall sessions. I have set aside two days this month for sessions. You can check out our fall mini session schedule here. Spots have to be reserved in advance. All sessions will be taken around the downtown area. I've got a few great spots I like to shoot! 

Now let's chat about how cute this little man is. When Kendall ask me to take Eli's one year photos I was so excited! I love shooting little people especially little boys in suspenders. This family is so kind and sweet. Eli loves his food and he did not hesitate when it came to diving into this cake. I have to admit I tried it along with him and it was amazing! 

You can find out more about booking sessions with me on our photo page of the website. 

gather for texas || a special thank you

gather for texas

We had the pleasure of hosting an amazing evening for a group of 40 people at the store in our loft area. Gather for Texas was a fundraiser to raise money for all those affected by the Hurricanes that swept South Texas. Our evening sold out and we are so humbled by the support of our guests to make this happen. A special thank you to G POPS for providing our appetizer of mini pops and champagne (delicious) and thank you to Gilbert Creek Gardens for the beautiful florals and cheese board styling! Red River Roots was generous enough to lend us 10 wood boards to serve as our centerpieces and cheese boards. My sister, Jessica, with Morath Orchard Farm to Table Dinners made us the most delicious soup, hummus, and bruschetta. Dessert was a single artisan truffle from the amazing B Cocoa Artisan Chocolates, if you haven't tried them, you should! We sell Brooke's chocolate at the store.  I can't forget my amazing husband, Ryan, for helping me with the last minute chaos, set up, prep, and support for letting me live my dreams. 

We want to start hosting dinners at the store on a quarterly basis. Cheese, wine, and fellowship friends, that's what makes me extremely happy. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our email for more information on upcoming events. 


hospital postpartum session || morrison

Hospital postpartum sessions are full of so much joy. There is always so many emotions that come over me when I arrive, when I'm shooting, and when I leave. When I arrive to the hospital for a session I go into full Mom mode. I am there to help sooth, swaddle, change diapers, and be there with you with no judgement. This chapter of your story is so important. I know after having three kids I was a bit of a mess to look at and probably be around (darn hormones) but it mattered. This first 24 hours are so incredibly hard and happy. To learn more about pricing & booking click below! Now grab a coffee and enjoy! This session give me all the feels. 

newborn hospital session, united regional healthcare, newborn photography, wichita falls, texas, little h creative

Katera came into the store as soon as she found out she was pregnant and told me to put her on the books. Every time I saw her in the store she had a smile on her face, so full of joy and excitement about carrying a baby and anxious to meet this new little person. She was never negative, always pleasantly happy. Ms. Birdie is the Morrison's first baby and I honestly wanted to cry with how much love they had for one another and the baby. Tender selfless love. It was a blessing to be apart of such beautiful moments. 

I have just announced a run of Fall Mini Sessions for October. You can find out more below.

little h business || What are you scared of?

What are you scared of? Little h creative business talk. Real talk, small business owner. Wichita Falls, Texas

what are you scared of?


I'm scared of success. Defining success can be a hard and scary thing. To be honest, I don't know what that looks like for me. Working Hard and being driven is not something I struggle with. And if being honest it can play a toll on me! At what point do I stop and slow down to know that I'm were I'm supposed to be. I'm scared that I'll wake up one day and have lost my definition of success and just be chasing everyone else's definition of what success looks like. 

So today I'm writing it down. Success to me is living my purpose. Sharing the gifts God has entrusted me with. Showing my girls to dream big and work hard to accomplish them. Success is not asking for handouts. Success is feeling pride in what I HAVE accomplished. Success is loving my family hard. Every single day. 

Join me! What are you scared of?!

real talk || business talk || Small business, owner & creator, Little h Creative. What are you scared of?

fall style || the ramble way

We are so excited about layers, Fall, T-shirts, Hoodies, Booties and the list goes on and on! Hope over to our Pinterest Page and be sure to follow along. We are pinning daily inspiration for tees, style tips, and more! 

We would love for you to check out our line of Ramble Apparel Tees to be apart of your Fall layers! 

newborn studio family session || humpert

I wanted to spend time today sharing this beautiful session at the 9th Street Studios. I love this venue not only for it's beautiful architecture and craftsmanship but also the accessibility of it. I decided years ago that I wasn't going to attempt to shoot newborn sessions outside. There are too many variables that get in the way of the beauty of the baby and family. 

I had the pleasure of shooting Alysha's daughters, Sutton, session in their home and when she contacted me about Bennett's newborn session and wanting something different I knew the studios would be a great fit. It's clean, simple, and the natural light is amazing. Renting the studios is always an option when it comes to booking mini or one hour sessions with me. 

This family shines beauty and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to spend time with them to capture this new chapter out of their book. Bennett is the cutest little boy and I didn't want to take my hands off him. 

I am now booking family mini sessions for October 2017! Click here to reserve your spot! I will only be doing these two days for Fall Family Photos. 

now booking || fall mini sessions & loft venue space

One of our most ask questions when people come in the store is "What is upstairs?" Well, let me tell you! When we were designing and planning our store we knew we wanted to have a space to host parties and workshops but also to allow others to do the same! Our loft space is for rent and there are two rates available. We book in 2 hour increments and during business hours and after business hours. We allow for additional hours to be added and we allow you to use our handmade farm house tables. We have a total of 4 wooden 8 ft tables and 8 benches. 

We would love to get you on the books! You can read more here. 

We have been getting direct messages from Instagram, Email, and Facebook so we decided it's time to book our Fall Mini Sessions. We did not do very many sessions last year because I had baby Maggie! With a full season ahead I am only going to book two days in October. Sessions will take place in the downtown area. Once session is booked I will notify you with a location and confirmation on time.  

ramble news || texas proud & business talk

 Knowing that I could learn a new trade was very intriguing. As scary and dirty as it all looked I took a chance to learn something new. I can’t count how many times I cried over a messed up order, how much stress it caused me the first few years, but I can count how many times it has blessed me, served my family, and provided me with confidence to reach the unknown and believe in myself. 

I’ve gotten comfortable and starting Ramble Wholesale is a place of unknown. It’s scary and I’m trying to remember how being scared is a good thing. It means I’m trying something new and getting out of my comfort zone. 

Let’s do something new together. Let’s be brave and trust the journey. 

Be sure to leave a comment of some of your favorite places to shop in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, or where ever!

newborn lifestyle session || grassi

I'd like to introduce this sweet family to you. When they contacted me to shoot this session in their starter home I couldn't be more excited. The newborn lifestyle session is about capturing not only the new bundle of joy but the house, the siblings, and the space you call home. I want to tell a story of this certain moment in time. Those first weeks are such a haze and speaking from experience, it's easy to forget to savor the moments that will soon be gone. This session brings me so much joy and my goal is to capture a chapter out of your story. 

I book a limited number of lifestyle sessions per month. Please contact me if you have any questions and click below for more details. 

Thank you for being here! -kathryn

let's talk style

So, obviously I own a TON of t-shirts.

1. because I've been screen printing t-shirts for 8 years

2. because I really LOVE to wear t-shirts therefore I have one of everything I've printed. 

I've been trying to get more creative on how to wear a graphic tee's. I'm stepping up my Pinterest game and have started a new board >>>>  t-shirt style  And I want to invite you to head on over to Pinterest and follow along! I'll be posting all things t-shirt style, fashion, my favorite jeans, shoes, accessories and even beauty products I love. 

Don't have a favorite graphic t-shirt? Ramble Apparel has you covered. When designing and printing our shirts we are ALWAYS thinking of how and what we will wear with it. Be sure to check out our new line of shirts listed last week. 

let's do this

I've created multiple boards to help us all along! Who doesn't love a soft and comfy t-shirt? My goal is to find ways to dress them up. 

ramble apparel || dream - believe - achieve

Hey guys! We have launched 5 new styles of our Ramble Apparel and we are so excited about it! One of my goals three years ago when I started printing our own designs on our shirts was to eventually be able to offer them online and to people I don't know. I'm crazy thankful for all the people who have supported me in Wichita Falls and to now be supplying people all over with our branded shirts and custom designs is an amazing feeling. We still have so many goals and dreams that have not been reached but that's part of the journey and fun of owning a small business. 


I want to encourage you today to set a goal. Write it down. Say it out loud. The first step is setting the goal and then working hard to achieve it. Today I'm giving $2 off our Dream Believe Achieve shirt! Shop now! 

dream believe achieve || ramble apparel || clothing line






quality + comfort

family session || ramon

I am so excited to share a new family session here today! I'd like to welcome the Ramon Family! I had the pleasure to meet them on their local cut flower farm in Burkburnett, Texas. Blair & Blake are so cute together and their little Bristol has the cutest giggles. This two acre farm is on their family land and you can feel the love as soon as you step foot on this soil they work so hard to maintain. Blair brings her locally cut flowers to the store once a week if not more. You should take the  time to come grab a Gilbert Creek Gardens bouquet to share with a loved one or fill your home with the warm and beautiful colors. 

I took a break from booking family sessions and after this experience I'm going to be booking a few sessions a month and will open dates for Fall Family Mini's so be sure to follow along on social media so you can be notified when those become available. 

website launch || m wood designs

m wood designs

Two things: I love branding & design. Visual branding is such an important part of your business. I recently taught a boss time : social media workshop and I hear so many creative entrepreneurs struggling with content (what do we talk about), quality images, and an overall concept of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

As a small business I understand the commitment it takes to invest back into your business but I can't stress enough its value.

I would like to introduce m wood designs. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Merrill, owner and creator of m wood designs. She is so sweet, kind, and makes the cutest genuine leather earrings. They are soft, light weight and go with everything! I was so thrilled when she decided to take m wood designs to the next level and really invest back into her creative business. We worked together to figure out what she needed most for her social media and overall brand. 

We started by booking a content marketing session, product shots and lastly, I designed a fully functioning website to show case her earrings and reach a larger audience. Merrill has great vision of what she wants but needed help getting there. I loved helping her start to finish create something she was proud of. Shooting her product and designing her website allowed me to have more freedom and control when it came to making her website, social media and images all cohesive with each other. 

m wood designs

I book one content marketing and web design client a month to ensure quality. My goal is to put my full focus on the one client so everything is cohesive and done in a timely manner. If you have more questions on either content marketing or web design click below. 

Can't find what you are looking for or have questions about a specific service, please contact me so I can help you with your questions. 

downtown mini session || klopf

It's been a fun couple of weeks and this summer weather has not been disappointing! I love shooting downtown mini sessions because the atmosphere is on point, the light is amazing, and there is always somewhere fun to shoot. 

I really love the Klopf family who owns and operates Odd Duck Coffee, a local roastery and tasting room with clean & fresh coffee. The evening was beautiful and ended with Gelato at their store. 

I am now booking a limited number of family or portrait mini sessions downtown. If you'd like more information on these sessions you can contact me! 

let's ramble || new brand launch

R A M B L E   A P P A R E L

S H O P   N O W 

Ramble Apparel is as much a state of mind as it is a project focused on design and development of simple, understated lifestyle threads. People who tell you what they stand for, all too often fall short in the actions they try so diligently to vocalize. 

There is a small portion of LITTLE h CREATIVE that I have struggled with and that is having shirts available in-store but also having a defined online apparel brand. It was getting lost on my website so last year I started Ramble Apparel on Etsy. It has been successful but I can't help but think and dream bigger. I have been planning this line of clothing, launch, and website for months and months. I finally jumped all in and went for it. 

Ramble Apparel is the clothing line of LITTLE h CREATIVE. Because we offer so much here like custom printing, graphic design and photography services I wanted all the shirts to be "separate".  This step is really a clear way for me to grow my business locally but also online. 

All of this would not be possible without the support of our community. So thank you for supporting and believing in this space. 

My hope is that, through Ramble Apparel, you can have the option for comfortable clothing while wearing something with meaning and purpose. Life was not meant to passed by. Life with purpose and ramble on! 




V I S I T   O U R   N E W   W E B S I T E   N O W!! 

boss time workshop || all things social media


I am excited to announce our second BOSS TIME workshop! We will be diving in and talking about all things SOCIAL MEDIA! Susan with Linen + Lane Design will be joining me to talk about the in's and out's of how Instagram and Facebook can help you and work for you and your business. The hustle is real and I know for many the effort it takes to post on each platform can seem exhausting and overwhelming. We are here to help! The workshop will cover:

  • a thorough explanation of Instagram and Facebook 
  • Facebook promotions
  • hashtags 
  • a mini iPhone photography course | composition, lighting, staging and more
  • how to create and schedule content for Instagram and Facebook
  • embracing the camera
  • social media and branding

This workshop is for YOU.  Instagram and Facebook is such a great way to get your information out there and into your potential clients/consumers hands. Join us for a morning of information overload and a hands on workshop. 

WHEN : June 10th || 9am - 12 pm


COST: $60 || additional $20 for professional head shots  

CONTENT MARKETING || now booking

CONTENT MARKETING || now booking

As a creative entrepreneur with a business marketing degree I am always thinking about the best way to tell my story. We live in a world of social media which is an image and content based source of information. Professional images will benefit your business in so many ways. It provides a positive first impression through your website and/or your social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook).

I want to help! As a creative entrepreneur with a business marketing degree I am always thinking about the best way to tell my story. We live in a world of social media which is an image and content based source of information. Professional images will benefit your business in so many ways. It provides a positive first impression through your website and/or your social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook). 

The first tangible aspect of your brand is your logo and the second is your content. These two things are most commonly your viewers/potential clients first impression. An important part of branding is telling your story. When you are interested in a new brand or local business what's the first thing you do? Google them or search their account on Instagram? If said business has poor photos or content what is the likely hood that you will go eat there or use their services? 

I am very passionate about helping other business owners succeed. I believe in community over competition. I am now offering content marketing sessions. 


  • ( 30 min. )  Photography session to shoot you doing you. Ideal for makers, small business owners, and creatives. 
  • Headshots 
  • Digital download of edited high resolution images for you to use on website and social media platforms. We give you the rights and ask that you credit @littlehcreative in all posts.
  • FREE business consult to discuss ideas and direction of shoot and content
  • FREE BOSS TIME workbook with helpful tools to start and run a business

The featured Maker is Nichole with Dear Heart Designs. She such a hard worker with a beautiful heart and vision for her business. If you haven't seen her work please check it out! 

my story.

I've been hinting toward this for some time now. The big "I've been working on something that I can't wait to share more about" is HERE! Did I have a really clear vision of where LITTLE h CREATIVE would be 5 years ago, no. Did I work really hard to make it something I love and am proud of, yes.

my story.


by: Chase Roberts


I am a multi-tasker and individual who can't do the same thing for too long. I have a billion ideas going through my mind in a given day. I've learned to channel the ideas and create something I absolutely love through screen printing and graphic design. LITTLE h CREATIVE has been such an amazing part of my story. 

2017 has proven to be a year of change and dream catching. One of my main goals was to invest in explaining what this space is. I have had a hard time with my "elevator pitch". Because I wear so many faces it can seem like I get lost in all of them but to me, it's the exact opposite. Graphic design, screen printing and photography are each a part of me. They mesh and compliment each other in ways that make it easy to be who I am.  It's about community and authenticity. 

Chase Roberts is the brains behind this amazing video. He made this so easy for me and has always made me feel comfortable and confident in the dream I am living and pursing. My brain is not an easy one to figure out. I don't make it easy for people to follow my train of thought but he did. He listened and made this video exactly what I had invisioned. I could not recommend him enough. 

This is me. This is LITTLE h CREATIVE. This is my story.


I've recently updated and worked hard to provide more information on custom screen printing with LITTLE h CREATIVE. I'd love for you to check it out! 

newborn lifestyle session : ms. andie

It's been really silent over here and I apologize! LIFE is busy. Everything at the store is going great with so many custom shirt orders and new faces. I am so thankful for all the business and I am especially grateful that I had the chance to capture these sweet moments for a good friend of mine! New baby sister + a big sister that is in love = one happy family. There is no question this style of session is my favorite. The newborn lifestyle session takes place in the comfort of your home. No rules or guidelines. Just you and your little one. I loved this session because sweet Andie was awake the entire time. So content and happy with life. I have soooo many favorites but here are a few! Enjoy! 

If you are interested in booking a newborn lifestyle session you can contact me for more information and availability!